Dr. R. Shridharan


Dr. R. Sridharan, a resident of Chennai, is on American Board of Pediatrics. He is Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP).
He finished his MBBS from Chennai University in the year 1974. Thereafter, his studies happened along with practice and research in places like Chicago. Asthma allergy education became his mission. Emirates Medical Association, the official body of UAE health Ministry, bestowed on him the title of ‘Outstanding Asthma Educator.’


Teaching proper MDI use, use of spacer, peak flow meter, providing educational brochures and current literature reviews to patients is an essential part of his practice. Presenting scientific papers, case studies of unusual problems and asthma-allergy related talks are all his medical gatherings are all about. Leading hospitals and metropolitan cities of south India have been witness to his services. Two lectures on ‘Allergy Demystified and Current Concepts in Asthma Management’ to an audience of pediatricians were part of successfully conducted seminars by Dr. R. Sridharan. On another occasion, he presented two rare clinical problems, which were –


  • A case of male SLE mistakenly diagnosed as TB and HIV Infection
  • A series of 6 cases of hypothyroidism with anti-thyroid antibodies presenting as ‘Urticaria’ in middle aged and young women.

    He has participated actively in national and international conferences and discussions. He was an invited speaker at National Pulmonary disease Conference (NAPCON) consecutively for five years. Leading television channels have telecast his interviews on topics related to asthma allergy.